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Effectively Managing Anxiety

Posted 25th May, 2023

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What to do when you are feeling anxious

Anxiety is a very common condition affecting one in four New Zealanders and one in six Australians.

We can all feel anxious at times however if you are experiencing consistent periods of anxiety and it is interfering with your daily life you may have an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder symptoms

If you have anxiety, you are likely to experience a range of symptoms. Mental symptoms can include fear, panic, excessive worrying, feeling helpless, and even an anxiety attack, while physical anxiety symptoms can include heart palpitations, shaking, and sweating.

If feel your anxiety is out of control or excessive you should talk to a mental health professional to get anxiety treatment. Contact your GP or the helplines at the bottom of this page.

Tips for managing anxiety

  1. Challenge negative thinking patterns – it is so easy to get caught up inside our own heads and create untrue stories or patterns of negative thinking. Take time to understand what causes these thoughts and see if you can challenge them and turn them into something more positive. Talking them through with someone may help you to do this.

  2. Reduce stress – there will often be situations that will trigger your anxiety. For example, some people experience social anxiety in big groups of people. Try and minimize those situations to help reduce your stress levels.

  3. Look after yourself – if you feel better physically you will also feel better mentally. Eating a healthy diet, reducing your alcohol consumption, and exercising can help to reduce your anxiety symptoms. Getting lots of sleep and engaging in activities you enjoy will also help you to talk your mind off things and relax more.

  4. Talk to someone – as mentioned above, anxiety is a very common issue across New Zealand and Australia, so it is being talked about more and more. Sharing your feelings and concerns with trusted friends or family can help support you in dealing with your anxiety and will help you to feel less isolated.

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Supporting Links


The Anxiety New Zealand Trust has tools, resources, and a helpline if you need support. If you are in Australia take a look at

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Anxiety NZ Helpline

0800 269 438

Sane Australia

1800 187 263

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