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Struggling to manage your student or teacher's wellbeing and not sure where to go to next? We are here to help. 


Our experienced team, led by Dr Annette Beautrais, can support you by meeting with your board or senior leadership team and assisting with educating and developing a wellbeing strategy. This will help to ensure students, teachers and support personnel receive the wellbeing training and direction needed. 


Our support extends to ensuring you have the right policies and processes in place. We also share communication templates and most importantly, ongoing support, when it’s needed most.  

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Student Wellbeing

When it comes to students, we must understand what’s needed to maximise engagement. Establishing trust and ensuring their feedback is valued, respected and acted upon with feedback is essential, along with the protection of privacy, consistency of check-in, and modelling self-care by sharing experiences.

Students also have concerns around the use of apps. Cost is a significant barrier. No data means no app and no ability to call. Depersonalisation leads to no human engagement, which is critical for trust. Apps offer standardised questions or prompts that may not relate to the student and repeating this process means a lack of engagement leading to ignoring, and in most cases, deleting the app.

Supporting Student Wellbeing

At Wellbeing Solutions we have listened to our young people and created solutions that do not involve an app.

Our most popular solution, “You Have a Voice” is a QR Code located throughout the school. Scanning the QR Code allows students to select a language they are comfortable with, followed by choosing to answer check-in questions or communicate something they need to share. i.e. bullying, racism, harassment etc. All submissions are instantly shared with wellbeing ambassadors or “contactors” to take immediate action.


With over 80% of scans coming from QR codes located in toilets or changing rooms, the solution is offering a confidential voice. It values what students want to communicate, on a safe and secure platform that also ensures privacy.

Unfortunately, serious incidents can occur that impact on students' wellbeing and generally not for the better. At Wellbeing Solutions, we support schools with a two-way mass communication capability that has no cost to students. Simply create your mass communication message and press send.

Every student receives the message sent and can simply reply to the question. Every reply is acknowledged and those needing support are instantly supported by the wellbeing ambassadors or “contactors” who reach out and support the student's needs. A corrective action is updated within the system to ensure ongoing support, follow up, and your due diligence.

  • Check-in with your students with our mass SMS communication capability that is at no-cost to students or by enabling students to scan our QR code - “You Have a Voice” and share their concerns privately and confidentially, in an environment comfortable to them without using an app. 

  • Reply to alerts when a student reaches out, which enables you to take immediate action if required and support your students when they need it most. 

  • Have access to a full suite of reporting, which can be used as a basis for reviewing or creating wellbeing strategies and for having discussions with parents about any issues they need to be aware of. 

  • Remove the barrier to having that initial 'scary conversation about wellbeing with multilingual and voice capability and no pesky apps to download. 

Teacher/Employee Wellbeing

As part of your wellbeing strategy, it is recommended to have an ISO:45003 electronic assessment as this will provide visibility into what is needed to manage psychosocial risks based on ISO:45001.


The ISO: 45003 is for any sector and, with the support of Dr Annette Beautrais, Wellbeing Solutions can provide a structured framework to develop and, with our solutions implemented, maintain, and continually improve wellbeing as well as health and safety in the workplace.

status anxiety
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Along with ISO:45003, Wellbeing Solutions offers Check-In questionnaires and Wellbeing assessments that can instantly identify a teacher's needs and support with either professional or wellbeing ambassadors as well as direct support where we share information, videos and links for the individual to reach out and get support in their own time.

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