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Wellbeing Solutions Assessments

Wellbeing Solutions identifies a user's well-being needs and instantly offers support upon completion of the assessment. As well as real-time reporting to assist with strategic wellness decisions and intelligent spending to maximise continuous improvement.

Multilingual & Cultural

All assessments are focused on maximising engagement and ensuring questions are answered honestly by creating a valued and trusted environment. To do this all assessments are multilingual and have the ability to upload cultural symbols.

Strategic Wellness Plan & Prioritise Spend

Realtime data that can be extracted or formatted how you choose and can be trusted to develop your business wellbeing strategy while prioritising financial support on key areas needed.

Instant Support for Employees

Users are offered several choices of support:

Professional Support :

We connect to your support choice

i.e. EAP or in-house psychologist

Direct Support:

We share the results of the assessment and offer approved guidance and support information including approved national support numbers and links to educate and assist further.

Contactor Support:

A Contactor is our unique process where the user selects the help of a “Contactor” to talk with about their results or challenges. A contactor is a workplace employee (not management) and our team of professionals trains them to assist and guide users who need that support. All interactions are recorded as a “Corrective Action” within the system for due diligence.

No Support:

Users who select “No Support” are shown the results of their assessment raising awareness of their well-being needs. Along with this, they will receive supporting information and links to assist with their understanding of the next steps needed. If the system identifies a user as suicidal, we override a user's wish for no support and will advise a contactor or professional support to take action.

Professional Guidance (Optional)

Dr Annette Beautrais has been New Zealand’s leading suicidoligist for over thirty years and oversees all assessment questions. Separately from the assessment, Dr Annette is happy to offer additional support for businesses to assist with their next steps. This can be through reporting or a scheduled meeting giving your senior leaders key guidance and advice on living your wellness strategy.

Data Protection & Privacy

Wellbeing Solutions is ISO:27001 certified ensuring your data is safe and managed with the highest recognised protection standards at all times. All data is stored within AWS (Amazon Web Services). Data removal is also a critical aspect for clients and we have the ability for clients to action this when required. More on our security can be viewed here:

Wellbeing Solutions conducts all privacy matters in line with the Privacy Act 2020. Wellbeing solutions privacy policy can be viewed here:

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