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Where do I start with wellbeing?

A question that is continually asked. The simple answer is education and training.

At Wellbeing Solutions our unique training is evidence-based and delivered to your management teams to support a more improved working environment. Combined with our SaaS solutions this offers a complete wrap-around of support that can only improve your employees and the organisation as a whole.

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Dr Annette Beautrais presenting psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Our two-day programme helps businesses build mentally healthy workplaces by a co-ordinated series of training which:

  • Build knowledge about mental health and wellbeing amongst all leadership teams and employees.

  • Create a psychosocially supportive work environment, by training selected employees to recognise mental ill-health and suicidal distress in colleagues and link them to appropriate help.

  • Advise and update management about wellbeing trends, and workplace responsibilities, as well as provide information and resources to assist employers in responding to events that impact wellbeing, including, for example, traumatic incidents or disasters.

  • Annual one-day refreshers are available to support turnover and ensure your business is kept up to date with the latest analytics and support techniques

  • One-day strategic guidance for senior leadership teams is available covering Psychosocial risks, Mental, Physical & Financial Health, Work-Life Balance, Interpersonal Relationships as well as wellbeing benefits.

As part of supporting businesses with their wellbeing strategy, we offer the following training:

Mental Health and Wellbeing

An educational presentation for all employees to help them develop their knowledge of wellbeing, build good mental health habits, and encourage them to support others in the workplace. Content is tailored for the specific needs of workplaces and their employees.

Psychosocial Risks

In the modern workplace, psychosocial risks are increasingly recognised as significant factors impacting employee well-being and organisational success. These risks encompass a range of psychological and social hazards that can arise from work-related factors, interactions, and the organisational environment itself. Our training will help identify the key risks for your employees.

Contactors or Wellbeing Ambassadors

An educational presentation for voluntary contactors within the workplace, who become champions for the wellbeing programme. Training provides contactors with the skills and confidence to provide support to colleagues and refer them to appropriate help, including EAP assistance and how Wellbeing Solutions assists in offering the full wrap-round of services.

Learn more about Dr Annette Beautrais

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Facilitated by Dr Beautrais, managers and business owners will learn about international and New Zealand well-being trends, legal responsibilities, functional implementation, confidentiality requirements, and management of mental health crises, with content tailored to specific industry needs.

To learn more on our programme, contact us here

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