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Amateur and professional sports people

  • Everyone engaged in sport, whether it be professional players or young people, can suffer from wellbeing issues. For professional players in particular this can have a massive impact on their performance.

  • The ability to be able to have a pulse on your athletes’ wellbeing and help identify any issues plays a major role for coaches, team managers and sports club directors. So how can you do that when people may not be forthcoming about what is going on for them?

  • Wellbeing Solutions has created a platform that makes it easy for you to check in with your players, simply by scanning a QR code and answering a couple of quick questions. This can be done by having posters in your club or changing rooms. These enable your club members to scan and share their wellbeing status whenever needed.

  • You get alerts when the forms are completed, which enables you to take immediate action if required. You also have access to a full suite of reporting, giving you the opportunity to assess the data for one location or multiple. This can then be used as a basis for reviewing or creating wellbeing strategies and to have conversations with players and their support crews or parents.

  • Wellbeing Solutions truly is your proactive pulse on player wellbeing. By helping to identify any underlying wellbeing concerns, it not only helps the athletes to perform at their best but also support those backing their game.

QR Code - Give Your Sports People a Voice

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