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How do you monitor the wellbeing of your people?

Wellbeing Solutions offers the only wrap-around service of an Assessment that upon completion, instantly supports your employees with the help they need as well as capturing critical data to support your strategic wellness plan. Managing your people after a severe and unforeseen event through our mass check-in capability and giving your people a voice when they need it most enabling your support to assist your greatest asset, your people.

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Welbeing Solution

Wellbeing Solutions Assessment

Wellbeing Solutions Assessment tool is the only solution that upon completion instantly shares an individual's wellbeing challenges identified from the assessment and offers three methods of support.


Professional Support

We connect individuals to the business's trusted support i.e. in house psychologist, EAP, or other trusted support.

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Direct Support

We share the results of the assessment with the individual including supporting links to communicate the pestmeroes o manase the results of the assessment. Empowering employees and students to take control of their health.

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As part of our set-up process the business identifies persons (non-management) who will be professionally trained by WellbeingSolutions, and individuals completing the assessment can choose from the names listed to talk with. Contactors are notified and reach out to the individual as support and help assist the individual to make the right next steps and continue to follow up and support until the individual regain control of their health.

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Wellbeing Solutions Assessment

Manage wellbeing after unforeseen events:

Severe weather, emergency events, and violent attacks are all outside influences that impact your employee's wellbeing.

With our SMS Mass Communication feature you can urgently “Check-In” and at no cost, recipients can advise if they need support and WellbeingSolutions connects them to the right support instantly.

See Our SMS Check-In Feature

Give your people a voice when they need it most

Simply scan your unique Wellbeing Solutions QR code located at key and private areas on site for users to scan from their smartphone to instantly communicate any observed wrongdoing or to communicate a concern or challenge they may have. Communication can be shared with senior management or designated individuals notifying instantly by SMS & email enabling an urgent response if required.

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Identifying the health and wellbeing issues of -

Workers Wellbeing Solutions
Sports People Welbeing Solution
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Students Welbeing Solution
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Psychosocial Welbeing Solution


Wellbeing Solutions enables employers to support their legal requirement to eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks so far as is reasonably practicable by completing our ISO:45003/2021 assessment.


Identify if workers are under stress that may be impacting their mental health and thus affecting their productivity at work. This could include financial pressure, relationship problems or family stress.


Help understand why students may be absent from school or are struggling in class. Are they being subjected to bullying, harassment, or racism outside of class?

Sports People

Learn why players may suddenly be under-performing or not turning up to practices. Is it due to performance pressures or is there something going on at home or work?

Wellbeing Solutions enables you to take a proactive approach to people's wellbeing by

identifying issues early and then providing solutions to support and reduce further harm

What makes us different?


No pesky apps to download - making the solution instantly accessible to everyone with a phone.


No special software required for reporting - meaning a quick implementation within your organisation.


Multi-lingual solution to meet the diverse needs of your people.


100% no user cost.


Our wrap around wellbeing resources have been developed in conjunction with New Zealand's most experienced suicidologist Dr Annette Louis Beautrais. Annette is an adjunct professor at the University of Canterbury and has worked with the World Health Organisation and served on the Board of the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

Lift wellbeing and reduce harm


Sharing Wellbeing Status

With no app or lengthy registration process it increases the chance that people will share their wellbeing status with you.


Reports and Strategies

Reports identify immediate issues and any emerging patterns. This enables you to proactively develop strategies and prioritise where further investment needs to be made.


Wellbeing Support

Wrap around wellbeing support is included, which has been developed in conjunction with New Zealand's most experienced suicidologist Dr Annette Louis Beautrais.


Resources and Tools

Providing wellbeing resources and tools for your people will improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


Culture of Wellbeing

Creating a culture of wellbeing and having a solid wellbeing policy in place is likely to lift financial performance and return on investment.


Cyber Risk Protection

The system has strong mechanisms in place to protect against cyber risk and security breaches and therefore to preserve personal data. To find out more Click here.


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