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Resilience and wellbeing

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Building resilience to support wellbeing

How do we build resilience?

Having resilience gives us the ability to bounce back from difficult or challenging situations and is therefore a key aspect in helping us to manage our wellbeing.

For most of us, resilience starts being built as children. It is generally shaped by the experiences we have, our upbringing, and the support we receive – especially to try new things. As adults however, we can still work to build our resilience to make it easier to manage in this constantly changing world. Here are some top tips for building resilience -

Tips for building resilience

  1. Remember that it’s ok to fail – look at some of the most successful people in the world and note that they have failed repeatedly to get where they are. Failing is good as we learn from it. Think about how many times the Wright Brothers crashed planes before they made one that fully flew. Sometimes we will fail multiple times, but we learn from it and try again.

  2. Have a good support network – connecting with others, especially during difficult times, helps us by being able to talk through our problems and get support. It makes us feel less alone and therefore makes it easier to face things head on.

  3. Have a positive mindset – rather than worrying about what may happen, work on what you want to and can achieve by setting yourself some goals.

  4. Accept change – change is constant and is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Focus on what is in your sphere of control rather than what you can’t.

  5. Put things in perspective - nothing is unsolvable. Remind yourself that ‘this too will pass’, and you will be able to positively move forward.

  6. Try new things – pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone helps us to build confidence and be more open to new opportunities.

  7. Build up your physical health – if our body is physically healthy it supports our mental wellbeing, and we are less likely to get sick or run down, so try to stay active as much as possible.

  8. Have a sense of purpose – having a sense of purpose can help us focus on more positive things, especially during a difficult period. Volunteering and/or having activities outside of work can help motivate us to keep going.

Employers can help build resilience amongst their teams by being an integral part of their support network. Wellbeing Solutions offers a range of options to enable employers to do this such as our mass SMS communications portal, QR code check-in solution, and wellbeing assessments.

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